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Thread: Sainsburys or Drynites?

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    Default Sainsburys or Drynites?

    The only really convenient place for me to buy nappies is a nearby Sainsbury’s, and I've just noticed they have their own brand of incontinence pants. Currently, the only other thing I can buy there is Drynites, so I'm not sure which I should get. Since my experience is nothing, I'm not very good at judging this sort of thing, so I'm turning to you, ADISC. Does anyone know which is better, specifically in the area of capacity?

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    Well, it really would all depend on the quality of their store brand nappies. GoodNites aren't meant to hold...A LOT, but they do hold a decent wetting to a wetting and a half if used slow/overtime. Their pants might be cheaper too? Over here in the states, we can get a bag of 40 for 18 bucks. They hold a decent amount, but I use them as leak guards at night because they usually ride over my pull-up (Underjam or GoodNite) and catch anything that leaks out. It truly is up to you. DryNites would be easier to put on and take off! I vote for the DryNites ;3

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