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    I'm constantly feeling depressed and I don't know why. Well I know a little bit of why but it shouldn't be making me so upset.

    I have been considering killing myself but then I think about the few people I know care so that won't happen. I'm not sure what I should to stop feeling this way.

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    Suicide is not the answer, i actually attempted to stab myself to death and got stuck in a hospital for a while. Please do not resort to that! you can talk to me if you need to, if you want me to PM you let me know and I'll do my best

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    You may be feeling off due to something insignificant.I know it sounds silly,but did you have a bad dream lately?

    Receive unwanted,bad news?

    Simple things can bum you out.I often get depressed by over thinking things/situations,but always remember that if you could redo the event thats bugging you,you might make the outcome worse then what is depressing you.I don't know if that makes sense...

    Just remember do not kill yourself!

    Just sleep on it because in the morning you will probably feel a lot differently/better about the situation.

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    You could have an imbalance with brain chemicals like melatonin. If it persists you should see a doctor. I know you said you probably wouldn't kill yourself, and I believe you. Still, be careful because if there is a physiological reason, things could get beyond your control. Remember that adisc is a help and support site first, and we are always here for you. I've been where you've been when I was in college and at other times in my life. I try to keep myself busy almost all the time. It keeps me happier. I'm always here if you need to talk.

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    Committing suicide is never the right answer. I almost did when I was in 6th form and thank god at the last minute I took the rope off my neck. I was really depressed and was being bullied everyday by others and it finally got to me. But I kept fighting and slowly but surely, things are getting better for me. I am now in a happy relationship, have opened up to my parents about being gay and being an AB. Things aren't perfect, but they are a lot better than before.

    Like dogboy has said, ADISC is a support site and you will always have people here to help. I have spoke to some great people on here who I now consider great friends.

    Depression sucks, but keep on fighting!!!!

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    Depression isn't going to just go away in a day. It can last weeks, months, even years. You don't deserve to feel this way, dear. Go to a doctor. Get help, medicine, or a good friend to talk to. I really do hope you feel better soon. And please, never kill yourself. We all love you! ~Best of luck, dear. <3

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    I'd echo dogboy. It could well be a neurochemical imbalance. Many forms of depression can start during a person's late teens/early twenties, due to the hormonal effects of adolescence. While most people tend to think of adolescence as ending with sexual maturity, the truth is that the brain doesn't stop developing until the mid twenties. It is not uncommon for young adults to develop dysthymia, which is a kind of chronic, low-grade depression that can last for years. I can only advise that you go and see a doctor, and talk it out. Don't ignore it, or you could find yourself stuck in a rut for years.

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    Bottom line, if you have suicidal feelings at all, seek professional help ASAP.

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    Been there, done that.

    I can give you my two cents based on my personal experience, but that doesn't mean I'm an expert or that what helped me will help you (but it might help to hear how others have dealt with it).

    Every time that I find myself in a slump that I can't seem to crawl out of I spend an evening by myself to try and sort things out. I will try to list all of the things that could potentially have been the trigger for my being depressed. If I can list something that could be a trigger, I reflect upon it and figure out if the issue has been resolved or not. If it hasn't been resolved., then I commit to doing what is needed to resolve the issue. This usually ends up fixing some of the depressing feelings that I had been experiencing. If the issue has been resolved, then I try to convince myself that there isn't anything to be depressed or bummed about. If I can't list any potential issues that could have triggered the depression, that's when I start to think about seeing a professional. This combined with making sure that I go out and do stuff like skateboarding, hiking, and the like tends to help me out a bit.

    I hope that things get better for you!

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    Suicide is an interesting concept, it is tragic that it happens but I am curious of its reasoning. It seems that as humans we forget about life and end up entangled in social matters, but social matters are meaningless we only have them to do something to spend our time on the planet.

    Think about how you are on a huge oversized rock floating in the emptiness of a cluttered universe. Maybe this will help you realize what in life is serious and what you should allow yourself to be affected by.

    "Life is just a ride, the experiences arent real they're just part of the ride; its only because we let ourselfs to get distracted and lose oneself in the ride, whether dreading every moment and praying for the end or loving every moment and wanting more.

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