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    Default Pleased to meet you!

    Finally got around to saying hi on here... I'm a babyfur in the greater london region, working in IT support, enjoy wandering around padded, snuggling up to plush animals and especially cuddling fursuits, all the usual things! I spend a lot of my time talking rubbish to other furs and babyfur types, playing computer games (strategy ones are my favourites) and reading sci-fi and fantasy books. I mainly use this place as a handy way to hear about places to get hold of nappies, cubby clothing, sleepers, etc. - would never have known about the primark footed pyjamas with you, ADISC!

    Pleased to meet you all!

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    Hey Matey!

    Pleased to meet you too, sir: one's fellow countrymen should stick together in our isolation from the world and brave the storms that be the world around us...(and all that twoddle that I can speak )

    Seriously, though, good for you getting onto ADISC. It's going to be great! What TV shows/films do you like?

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    Hi and welcome to you from a fello brit living in east Sussex who also enjoys nappies.hope to speak with you more you prefer cloth or disposable nappies.

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