Its a slightly mortifying experience when
it happens,but at the same time not because
the perception of being a toddler.
But when the duration of 'self abuse' has
been long enough to realize youve backed
yourself into a corner/dug a hole and the
sides are to sheer to clime out.....
Ok,so i dont subscribe the incontinence
race,i dont think toddlers are incontinent,
they just cant hold on.but i have retreated
to nappies for coming up to 4 years and
my potty training is shot.
I cant remember when it started,for other
reasons the 4 years are all one big blur
but situations i found alot - peeing in the
bath,and whilst getting out of the bath.
farting all the time,bubbly farts.peeing when
going to sit down.poop when bending.
peeing 5 or 10 minutes after finishing a can
of coke.small poops,but not having the feel
that more is to push out.and pooping more