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Thread: A little more protection

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    Default A little more protection

    I suppose this could go under incontinence as well but decided to put it here.

    Now I don't normally leak but lately I've had some issues. At first I thought it was just a faulty M4 but last night I leaked a tena slip.

    I sleep on my back and never had a problem before. Its not a huge leak either but still annoying.

    I'm just wondering what my options are? I live in the UK If that helps.

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    I've also had that problem, using a molicare it either made its way out by the tapes or me lower back. Could try tranquility atn, i felt that they fit snug enough to prevent leaks and i thought they wicked better, haven't tried sleeping in them though.

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    Not really looking for new diapers since I'm fine with these, I'm either thinking plastic pants or some protection for my bed. At the moment I have a drynite/Goodnite bed mat on but I don't want to continue to buy as it'll be expensive in the long run.

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    try, Reusable incontinence pants, incontinence pads and waterproof plastic pants, for children, teenagers and adults.
    specifically, Incontinence pads, incontinence pants, terry nappies and diapers. , for the terry towelling briefs. i'd say get double thickness, just to be sure.
    and for waterproofing, Plastic pants and plastic panties. , for the 3-pack high-waisted pants.

    in both cases, i advise to get the XL size. don't worry about the elastics not being tight, they're not supposed to be: they should only contour to the body (with the waist fitting at the waist and the legs around the legs and that way you will cover a greater area than any dispie does) and shouldn't be so tight as to leave marks, cause discomfort nor fully stop airflow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by downtide View Post
    I'm wondering if you're wearing the right size?
    I'm a 36" and size issues have never been a issue, Always worn medium.

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    As Ade said, plastic pants are probably your best bet, as they're very effective at stopping any odd leak you may get. Here on Adisc I've also read about someone having positive experiences with terry-lined ones, which I reckon may be even more effective thanks to the extra padding, but a bit more of a hassle to wash afterwards (while normal plastic pants are fine with a quick rinse with tap water and, in the worse cases, some mild hand soap).

    Lately I've been wearing Suprima plastic pants myself, I get them from HERE, although this retailer also has some cheaper ones of his own production, plus a wide choice of other brands. Medium-sized ones work well over medium nappies for me, although I'm a 34" waist and M Suprimas fit me like a glove, so if you're a 36" you might want to try L if you get some of those.

    Just remember that plastic pants and any cream/ointment/lotion you may apply on your diaper area don't go along well, as the plastic tends to harden and break over time when coming in contact with it, so if this is the case you might want to give a good handwash to your plastic pants after each use (mild soap/shower gel is needed in this case, as water is not enough to remove the cream), and possibly be careful to avoid applying cream to the areas that will get in contact with the legs and waist elastics.

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    I wear a terrycloth-lined plastic pants over my disposable diapers. I like the pants made by Kins in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I prefer the polyester pants over the vinyl for durability and comfort. I get an occasional diaper leak but never once has any leak gotten beyond the terry-lined pant. It's a perfect solution, as it's been 100% reliable over a period of 4+ years. If the pant is dry in the morning I use it again that night, but turn them inside-out to stay fresh during the day.

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    Ive found that adding a booster pad to my night diaper tends to wick moisture towards the center of the diaper and away from edges and waist. Im a side sleeper alot of the time and since adding the booster pad leaks have not been an issue. Another thing I learned is that powders and oils tend to cause the diapers ability to absorb to become compromised... mostly because the oils are made to deflect moisture from the surface of the skin, however, if too much product is used, the diaper material gets a coating of "repellent" that inhibits moisture from passing thru the liner into the diaper and thus tends to leak out the sides and waist as you move around.

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    I usually suggest "you're doin it wrong". I see it even on diaper packages, instructions for taping where they show the lower tapes going either directly toward each other, or sometimes even UP. All I can do is shake my head. "why do they even suggest that??"

    The base picture on that pic is actually from promotional material for a diaper company. Check out where they put the lower tapes. Blows my mind.

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