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Thread: Plain White Pull Up Style Diaper?

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    Default Plain White Pull Up Style Diaper?

    So ive seen a pull up on a video that is plain white, could anyone tell me what it is?

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    Any help is appreciated

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    That is an old style goodnite from back before they were putting graphics on them circa approximate 2003 I believe. You can still find them on eBay once in a while but will end up paying a premium for them.

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    Is their anything similar? Ive only found other pullup diapers that look awful

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    Oh and can anyone show me the designs on underjams l/xl size for girls?

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    And what size waist they fit best for each weight bracket

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    I believe that there are some generic store brands like sleep drys that are similar in look to the old school goodnites that were plain white. Check a few local pharmacies and look. And yes, those are old school goodnites in the picture, probably from around the year 2000 or so as I'm not sure when they started adding designs to them.

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    Alright, also ive seen a greeny coloured pull up, what are they

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    An identical pullup to the old goodnites are the CVS brand bedwetting pants called "sleep comforts" I believe. They are very much the same.

    The green colored ones I believe would be the boys underjams.

    Goodnites will fit upto a 34" waist, cannot comment on the underjams.

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    there are plain white pullups at dollar generals. I buy them because a pack of 12 is only 7.00(unlike the same amount of Goodnites for 20.00)and I find they generally hold the same as a large Goodnite. And the fit is the same if not better as well.

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    SimilArity I know depends for men underwear in white are basically pull ups for adults
    I think they are decent and feel like goodnites

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    Tena pullups are plain white too (except for the "discreet" ones which have a floral print on them). Other brands such as Abena and Molicare also do adult sized plain pullups.

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    If you want a plain white pullup go to walgreens/cvs and buy the generic brand of bedwetting ones. They should be all white.

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