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Thread: Hi all, how are you all?

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    Default Hi all, how are you all?

    Hi, I'm a happily married mid 30's gentleman living in Sydney, Australia. I've got 2 kids and am enjoying being a Dad.

    I've been wearing diapers since my early teens and have told my wife about my enjoyment of wearing. She's understanding enough to be a part of it every now and then and she lets me wear when I want, without any issues.

    My time these days is spent working, raising our kids and doing housework. So not much time for hobbies or the like. My wife and I play WOW on most evenings as our social outlet. It's a bit sad but we're happy.

    So thanks for listening and letting me share in the friendly, acceptance that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gray76 View Post
    So thanks for listening and letting me share in the friendly, acceptance that is.
    Welcome aboard. There's no shortage of Aussies on the site so you won't be alone there. If you don't mind me asking, what prompted you to wear diapers in your teens? I also got into them very early on and I'm always eager to hear the stories of the Pre-Internet DL's.

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    To be honest I'm not 100% sure what it was. I grew up with alot of younger cousins and I think I always had an interest/jelousy of them wearing nappies. The first clear memory for me was asking my mother if she would buy me some Huggies when I was about 11. She agreed and I don't think I'd ever been that excited/embarresed/scared in my life. It was a very intense experience. Once she bought them and we got home I raced into my room, shut the door and put one on. I can't explain the whole situation but it was definatly life changing.
    Since then I've gone through stages of wearing then the guilt would kick in then I'd wear again. It was like that all the way through my teen years. I'd buy a pack then throw them out. It seems it's a standard amongst AB/DL's.
    And yes very much pre-Internet. We didn't have the ent till I was in my late teens.

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    Welcome to our community crib. Here's a pacifier(dummy) . They call it the "binge/purge" what you went through of going "all out" then throwing it all away.
    Glad you know now it's okay to do whatever you want in the comfort of your own bedroom. Enjoy. I am pre-internet too, and I didn't even bother to search until 6 months ago myself.

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    I've heard about the "Binge/Purge" but only after wasteing many years and alot of money on it. Silly things we do.
    I think it's great that so many people now have access to this sort of a group thanks to the internet. I think it would have helped me alot when I was younger and struggling with the "it's not normal" thing that so many of us go through. It is out of the ordinary but definatly not abnormal. And to be able to share and learn and just talk about AB(TB)/DL out in the open is a great thing.

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