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Thread: Cloth diaper site?

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    Default Cloth diaper site?

    I need a good cloth diaper site. Preferably really really thick. And I need a place to get a cute pink diaper cover. I normally do disposables but they are getting too pricey for me right now. So any advice or sites you guys have would be great.

    Oh I need at least 56 inch waist measurements big coonies need big diapers.
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    I usually recommend I'm not sure how big their prefolds go, but their flat squares are 44x44 (usually work out to be about 40x42 after washing). That seems like it should work for you. I also like their prices, and the diapers seem to hold up pretty well.

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    I'll also endorse They've got some variety, too (AIOs, prefolds, flats). Their products are a tad clinical, IMO, but very functional. I have some of their gauze-weave prefolds.

    My favorite prefolds come from, but that's the only kind they sell, so they're pretty hit-or-miss.

    A number of people here really like the diapers. I have a couple of their birdseye-weave prefolds and don't particularly care for the texture of the fabric, but I'm hoping to receive some of their twill-weave diapers in a few days. They also sell really cute-looking training pants (also ordered some of those!) and other AB/DL gear.

    Another favorite around here is I haven't tried them, but they seem to have a good variety like, just with more babyish prints and such.
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    You can check all of the sites Cottontail has linked to, and also try Etsy. There are adorable things if you search 'abdl'

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    Thanks all I ordered some from baby-pants. Can't wait for them to get here ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maxicoon View Post
    Thanks all I ordered some from baby-pants. Can't wait for them to get here ^^
    Gauze or birdseye?

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    Quote Originally Posted by asayuu View Post
    Gauze or birdseye?
    Birdseye actually.

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