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    In the last week I have really found my mommy side. I have a wonderful little boy that woke up my hidden big, and im trying to learn more about what that means. I understand that this site is pretty much a daycare of littles, but do we have any dedicated bigs here? or people that at least dont switch with certain people?

    This is the thread where you give the new mommy parenting advice. I love my kid, but i cant run on instincts alone!

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    There are some mommies and daddies on this site but not too many.
    Even though I am not one of them, I do have a daddy so I can shed some light on the Big/Little relationship.
    First and most importantly, talk things out! You need to figure out what you're willing to do as a mommy, and what he wants as a baby. That way you can avoid any potentially awkward moments. You should also talk about how frequently you want to do this sort of role playing.
    Second, if he likes to be a toddler, treat him as such. Think about interactions you've had/seen with real toddlers. For example. Daddy makes the decisions, but he also asks me what I want. Sometimes I know what I want, but other times I'm not sure, so he picks for me. Also keep in mind that toddlers like to be somewhat independent, but do need help with a lot of things.
    Third, Have fun! Watch cartoons, play games, cuddle, go to the zoo etc. You'll probably find that love seeing him laugh and play.
    Hope this helps!

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    DylanK was writing about this. I wonder if he posted it yet or not.

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    In his own words he is a "developmentally challenged three-year-old".

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo View Post
    In his own words he is a "developmentally challenged three-year-old".
    Hmmm. I'm guessing that means he still wears diapers. But can he talk? Like is he a 3 year old with the mentality of a 1 year old?

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    He is a normal 3 year old in almost every way. He can eat with his hands (fork when he really feels like it) walk like a champ until he trips over my feet, and loves his action men (TMNT for sure). He talks a little bit, but prefers to point, blush, and show me his answers But He loves his binky, and it's always clipped within reach (even though he tries to hide it when we are out and about) and he is just not big enough for the potty, so I don't worry about it. I dont mind the binky or the diapers at all. He has such a cute cheeky binky smile, and a box of puppies has nothing on his crinkle butt waddle (squee!) changing him is an amazing bonding time (yes, even the messy ones), and I know he needs them to feel safe as well as keep his pants dry! (mommy is all about making him feel safe and loved)

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    I honestly could see myself in such a role though have never been in one. My intuition tells me it would be a very very light Dom-Sub style relationship. So It would be helpful to discuss some ideas together. You can discuss things in a more "adult" manner or you can discuss in a fantasy setting of being the in control mommy and ask him what he would like to do in a playful manner doing the fun sort of compromising game. It might generate some ideas. For example, you could say "So what would my big boy like to do today?" From there you could suggest thing or wait for a response. His response might be like: "Can you watch cartoons with me?" "Can you feed me?" and so on. If he enjoys feeling very helpless and dependent, setting a limit or saying you can't on some things I'm sure would be just as fulfilling such as: "You already ate a little while ago and dinner will be up soon. I'll feed you then." "We can watch cartoons for a little while after I give you bath, and not past bed time as big boys need their sleep." That kind of playful give and take will satisfy his wants as well as your's.
    Nothing is better frankly than doing something you both can agree on rather than something you hope is nice.

    I myself would require a bit of a mix of an AB/DL partner to be happy with and not feel so weird about it. If I were to care for say a pure AB woman, then any sexual connotations I may experience would be very inappropriate. I can see why some AB's that have it tied even slightly bit with their sexuality feel very guilty and odd when it happens to pop up.

    Even though I've commented in other threads, despite my submissive side that would long to be controlled and cared for, it remains hidden most of the time to my more paternal, caring, dominant side. From what I read, individual males such as myself that are dominant and aggressive in most other parts of their life (leadership, work, ect.) tend to have such feelings or desires. Still there is that aspect of me that would find doing this appealing.

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    I see. I much prefer to find boundaries while playing. I know alot of ABs i have met consider themselves fully submissive when being taken care of, but there are ways of letting me know this is too far. That goes the same with your ideas. I see the most fluid learning and interaction when we are both properly characterized. The idea of "playing a scene" or the idea of "1..2..3.. baby mode now) makes things feel so scripted and fake. these things should start without words, and without acknowledgement. For us, I checked his diaper. It was understood and accepted by both of us that we had chosen roles and we knew who was in charge without one word.

    It is an extremely light dom-sub relationship. All of the pain/torture/ropes/ stereotypical stuff can be completely absent, but the feelings they cause can be glaringly present. He is fully in charge of how much he gives me of himself. I am there to accept and not ask for more, but take it as it comes, and give him a space to explore and further himself without feeling bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyemo
    The idea of "playing a scene" or the idea of "1..2..3.. baby mode now) makes things feel so scripted and fake. these things should start without words, and without acknowledgement. For us, I checked his diaper. It was understood and accepted by both of us that we had chosen roles and we knew who was in charge without one word.
    A very good point and quite true (I should have included a non verbal interaction example). The "scripty feeling" I would imagine would be pretty much nonexistent after a lot of playtime anyway. I actually find your telling very interesting as we don't often hear from the mommy (Domme) on interactions in relationships like this. It gives others novel ideas and ways on doing this sort of role-playing in a healthy, fun way keeping core relationship needs also in mind.

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