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    So while I was shopping for diapers today at CVS, I noticed an odd package behind a row of them. It turned out to be old plastic backed cvs store brand briefs that they apparently discontinued about 5 years ago and replaces with the day and night ones. They're called "CVS Overnight Briefs". They are amazing except for the loud noise they make because of the plastic. I wet it 2 times already (still wearing) and even flooded it one of the times. NO LEAKS!!!
    Have you guys ever tried these? To me their the best store brand EVER!
    Whats your opinion?

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    Dang you got lucky there dude! I once tried CVS briefs, but they were cloth-like backed; so not as good as I could hope.

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    It's Amazing! I swear I've wet one 3 times (including flooding) and they haven't leaked. I think one of the reasons why is because its just an awesome fit.

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    I still have a few old Assurances from walmart left, their all the same most store brands, they were thousands of times better back when they were plastic backed. Nothing like "new and improved" to screw up a good product.

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    Yeah, isn't it odd that the manufacturers decided to change a product that works to one that doesn't. One can only hope that the pendulum will swing back.

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