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Thread: An interesting turn of events

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    Default An interesting turn of events

    So... Here's the scoop. I haven't been on here in a while but I've been extremely busy. I'm gonna tell you what I've been up to in the past little while, it aint that pretty but it aint too bad. Basically a lot of my friends already knew I was an ab and everything. but a lot of shit can happen when you expose yourself to people who aren't ready. I just thought I'd try and be more open because they would say stuff like "we're curious about this and you should talk more about it it can lead to us asking more questions" So I decided to be more comfortable about the whole thing and just not care you know. I wear diapers very often on a regular basis just because I find them more comfortable then regular underwear and I sleep in them every night. as for using them it doesn't happen too often only 2 or 3 times a week. Anywho. Point is one of my friends starting to tell me that I should be "moderating my baby time" By this I'm assuming he meant stop relying on it so much. Even though I just like to do the things I do. You know. Really basically the whole ordeal blew up into a huge fight and a couple of my friends said an adult shouldn't rely on diapers pacifiers and footed sleepers for comfort. and so we aren't friends anymore and all of my other friends are like wtf? Why do they even care it's none of their business regardless. Basically it's just them trying to understand why I like to wear diapers, they call it "irrational" and "Immature". I only wear diapers around people I trust and it's not like I wear them to work or everywhere I go. Anywho I just thought I'd share that story. I find opening up to people makes it a lot easier to understand yourself and accept yourself and it also shows who your real friends are.

    If it's vague and a little sketchy that's just because I'm really lazy, sorry lol. Just ask if there is something you don't understand.

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    You should limit the time you do it. I would suggest you just don't do it around your friends, once I pretty much became extremely anti-social since all I wanted to do was sit at home where I could wear all the time with out fear.

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    Well I actually would hate to have that happen to me but it has its pros and cons, so good luck with that man

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    that sux man, i'm sorry.

    but you need to remember, this isn't "normal" to other people. it takes a lot for them to understand.

    also, it appears as though you were wearing on a regular basis around your friends. maybe the diaper thing is something you want to just keep for you when you are by yourself.

    i wear diapers on a semi-regular basis, (once or twice a week) but its almost always when i'm by myself. as far as i'm concerned, its nobody elses business what i do by myself behind closed doors, especially if it isnt harming myself or others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    You should limit the time you do it. I would suggest you just don't do it around your friends, once I pretty much became extremely anti-social since all I wanted to do was sit at home where I could wear all the time with out fear.
    I dunno. I'm not doing it because I'm obsessed with them or anything. and it's not like Im forcing anyone to accept me. I just actually prefer to wear them over underpants. because I find them much more comfortable. and a lot of my friends actually don't care at all. and dont mind me wearing around them. I see no reason to limit what I like to do and I feel comfortable with.

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    I agree with you completely.

    I am sorry that your friends totally broke it off with you. I broke it off with some friends because I knew they would never be able to accept that I enjoy wearing diapers. So this can actually go both ways. But good luck to you, and very nice story.

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    in a way i think it's really cool that you're able to tell your friends about your infantilism and you're comfortable wearing diapers when you're around them. i sort of wish i was that at-ease with myself.

    all the same, being that open has its drawbacks, and i think you should consider losing your friends as sort of a wake-up call. i don't think that saying you only want to be friends with people who accept your infantilism is a very smart attitude. i have a lot of friends who i deeply value who would be a little bit weirded-out if i told them about this aspect of my life. as others have mentioned, it's a very difficult thing to understand, and just because someone isn't quite open-minded enough to be comfortable with your ABism doesn't mean they're a bad person. maybe you want to consider being more selective about who you talk about it with.

    also, you're free to make your own decisions about how often you want to indulge in AB activities but it sounds like you're doing it an awful lot. i don't blame your friends for being concerned that you're becomming dependent on it.

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    i know its never a good thing to lose a Friend but to get in an argument over something in your persona life wasn't really any of his business either Way I'm sorry and i hope everything gets better

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    So essentially, the past couple of days have shown you who your real friends are (those that aren't disturbed by your special way to relax), and those who were only pretending to be your friends and didn't really like the real you.
    You shouldn't really be too sad about losing those "fake" friends - disappointed, maybe, but consider it an incentive to find other, real friends...people who accept you for who you are and not for what they think you are/want you to be.


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    Just remember who's life it is, not there lives but yours, you do what makes you happy, if your not happy, you loose.

    I have always kept my fetishes to myself, some people can do this and some just have to tell others, I'll bet none of them shared any of there fetishes with you.

    I would just like to say a guy who wears a diaper and a sleeper can't be all bad, in my book, good for you...B

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