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Thread: cloth vs. disposable

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    Default cloth vs. disposable

    Just wondering which you prefer. I personally lurked disposable there much more comfy and thick.

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    Twill cloth prefolds for me, with Edley Lang plastic pants. I add a youth prefold as a soaker, which makes it plenty thick and absorbent, almost like sleeping with a pillow between your legs And will hold multiple wettings in any sleeping position. I've use Abena L4s on the road, but I have to be careful how much I drink before bed or it will flood and leak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bipullupsboy34 View Post
    Yes I have used cloth and I might have to try that
    Oh wow, do your parents know or else how did you manage that?

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    Not easy for me to use cloth. I dont have my own washing machine.

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    No I just go and but goodnites and pull ups. For the cloth, my grandma gave my dad a whole bunch to use for hand rags (he's a mechanic) so I just take them and fold them up and put them in some boxers. I think my dad knows though there's no way he can't, I keep them right underneath my bed and he can probably see them oh well yolo xD

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    This thread comes up from time to time and it almost always hinges on one fact. If you grew up with disposables, you probably prefer those, and if you grew up wearing cloth, you most likely will prefer cloth. The reason is simple, and that is that we are psychologically trying to replicate our childhood, especially the feeling, texture and look. Whatever cause infantilism, it seems to be experiential.

    I grew up with cloth and wear cloth, enjoying it over disposables. It's what I relate to. It's not so much that I remember myself in cloth, but as I was a little older, and can remember all the neighbors who had babies, were in cloth and plastic panties. The cloth diapers would often be out on the clotheslines drying, as few people had dryers in those days. It was a poor neighborhood. You'd go to a friend's house, and if he had a baby brother or sister, you'd see the diapers in the diaper pail, and smell the diapers. You'd see the stack of plastic pants, and the association was made.

    In my case, my love map was being permanently made on the etchisketch of life, and it was filled with pictures of cloth diapers and plastic pants....sigh.

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