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    So tomorrow is my last day in Ireland so last chance to get diapers without my parents knowing and I wanted to ask what your thoughts were for those who have traveled abroad before or have purchased nappies. I'm going to be next to a pharmacy but would it be a good idea?

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    it would help by saying where u are going to :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by kageboshi View Post
    it would help by saying where u are going to :P
    I will be in Dublin sorry thought I mentioned it -_- gonna be near nassau st in and around that area

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    You're from the US. You're currently in Ireland, but you're going to... Dublin?

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    Yes I'm from the U.S. I traveled abroad to Ireland where I will be in dublin for the next day.

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    Nope sharing it with other people but I have places to hide them. My backpack is never opened by any of them and I wouldn't open it either.

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