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Thread: im so darn excited right now !!!!

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    Default im so darn excited right now !!!!

    i have been saving up for so long to get my own place and have been working my tail off just too make a few bucks and finally i saved enough to move out of my parents and into my own place

    im moving in tomorrow !!!

    im sorry bout the ramble on post im just so happy. i really dont have any one to share the good news with, i dont know why but my parents seem to just not give a crap about my life and how i progress, but anyways just wanted to share with ya all

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    I remember my first place and it was exciting. It was a long move, 400 miles to Ohio, so I had to make all new friends and that was a bit scary. But, I also procured diapers and used them to my heart's content, and that was awesome.

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