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    Unhappy Help Me.

    So for the past three years or so I have had transient episodes of discomfort with my bladder to the point I cannot sleep for weeks. I was diagnosed with overactive bladder by my GP when this all started and prescribed Vesicare. I think it sort of worked. I only took it for 3 months and then stopped because of the side effects. I found an old bottle of it and have been taking it again. No effect. Well at least no positive effects. Now I am thinking I do not have overative bladder at all. I guess I get frequency and sort of get urgency. My bladder does not get "crampy" though and cause any loss of control whatsoever. I just feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes. When I lay down my problem goes ten-fold. I just feel this pressure like I have to go. Sometimes I do sometimes I don't. I have had t keep a pee jug by my bedside for a year now. It takes me 2-3 hours to fall asleep because I have to relieve myself every 5 mins! Then when I finally get to sleep I wake up an hour or two later to pee again because I am in slight pain. I can't sleep at all... starts sobbing .
    Any of you guys have any expierience this? I envy you incontinent folk because at least you can sleep through it. I have all the control of a continent person without the capacity.

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    Is this consistent with interstitial cystitis. I feel burning my urethra sometimes, but I don't feel any sharp pain. I just feel constant pressure/pain in my bladder.

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    If you are showing diffirent symptoms from your previous problem and the medicine prescribed no longer works, I suggest you take another trip to the doctor. You'll be very lucky to find someone on this website that knows how to help. We're not doctors after all. I hope things get better for you. Good Luck.

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    at 19 you got this?
    in days gone by with symptoms like these (and just having come back from liberty in manila), the Chief might give you a short-arm inspection (looking for a osze or discharged from the end of your little buddy when your four-shin is pulled back). indicating a sexually transmuted disease of some sort. but one would think your Doctor already looked for that..... didn't he? not having a little-buddy any more myself i just leak. but i do understand what your feeling there, Small.....
    does by chance your discharge have any bad smell?

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    It sounds like -somewhat- of a bladder infection.. I have a tendancy to get those a lot, so I know how the urgency and frequency can be. Almost to the point of living in the restroom due to it.
    I'm not a doctor of course, and diagnosing something long distance is difficult anyway, but I do however agree with SleepingBlueWolf; you should see a professional. You may be able to dig something up by Googling a phrase with "Webmd" at the end. WebMD is a website for online advice towards finding symptoms of health issues, (like erectile dysfuncion, info about a womans natural cycles, etcetera). Try that if you like, I recommend giving this a go too:
    Here's a direct link for the SymptoSymptom Checker from WebMD. Check Your Medical Symptoms.

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    A UTI was my first thought too. Take a urine sample to your doctor and ask for it to be tested. You may need nothing more than a course of antibiotics. But a UTI should not be left untreated as you risk kidney infection and eventually, kidney failure.

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    I am IC as well I say GO TO THE UROLOGIST! sound not good at all you need to get checked out by someone who knows the most about bladders.

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    I went to GP. My prostrate is inflamed and crushing my urethra. Aparently my father had/has similar issues and is at wits end. Unfortunately my father and I do not really talk to each other much. I had no idea. Sleep deprivation is setting in and it sucks. It is 2 am and I still have. ot slept.

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    I would suggest going to a urologist as well. Most GP's have little or no knowledge in this area. Many of them will simply push pills on you and hope for the best. I had a doctor push anti-depressants on me when I went in for neck pain and stiffness without even looking at my neck. The pills caused seizures and all kinds of other issues. Later I went to another doctor who actually looked at my neck (x-rays and MRI) only to find out that I have 1 bulged disc, 2 herniated discs, and spinal cord compression. Do yourself a big favor, and don't take the word of one doctor; go to a specialist!

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