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Thread: Went to see my daddy!

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    Default Went to see my daddy!


    I went to see my daddy for the first time and stayed with him.
    iv been nervous about it for ages and making excuses why I can't go but this time I pulled myself together and had the best time ever.

    He changed me (lots of times) and dressed me, at bedtime he put me in a blue primark onesie baby design with a romper underneath and fed me a bottle before tucking me in with harry (teddy bear) and my dummy. Normally I wake up and the dummy has fallen out but I guess this time I was mentally in the right place because I was still cuddling harry and sucking my dummy.

    It was amazing, Iv bought my own onesie of the same design on ebay.
    I like that there is no elastic in the feet so it looks really babyish.

    Anyway, I thought this might be a nice thing to share for those thinking about meeting a daddy. Best fun ever, can't wait until summer holidays when he comes back down my way for 10 weeks.

    also you can find me on other sites as littlebabyone, littleone or jimbeam if you have any questions.

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    Wow this is awesome, I've wanted to meet a daddy, but haven't been able to find one Could I ask where you found a daddy?

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    i have a daddy and i cant wait to meet him, i keep begging him to come see me. i think he just might too because he thinks its a good idea. he is a lot older and its weird for me but aren't daddies supposed to be a lot older then you?

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    Congrats. I'm glad you had a great time with your daddy.

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    That is great congrats and many more great adventures to you.

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    Default sweet! I wish I had a daddy.....hope you have many more good times with your daddy!

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