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    Lightbulb Bedwetting

    I just figured something out this morning!
    I'm more scared and embarrassed when i wake up in a wet bed, then I am if I wear a diaper.
    I feel so safe in my diapers!

    What I am trying to say is, if you wet the bed and want to/need to wear a diaper, its okay just do it otherwise you will feel worse if you woke up in soaking wet clothes and sheets!

    Plus diapers are super comfortable, the more bulk the better because there is more padding for bigger accidents. And also it's easier to take care of a wet diaper then it is to take care of all your sheets and clothes. So......

    WEAR DIAPERS!!!!!!!!!!

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    I agree 100% diapers are for safety!

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    I agree entirely, though I'm not sure this is the medium which will result in the most revelations. Most people here are already in agreement of that advice

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    I figured out this very thing about a month ago. I'd be far more embarrassed dealing with wet clothes and wet sheets than I am dealing with diapers.

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    Diapers are the best solution for wet pants and wet beds. A wet diaper might only show up infrequently if at all, while wet pants could be an embarrassment almost immediately. Wet beds tend to smell bad after a while, but diapers prevent that almost all the time.

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    I have wet the bed on and off for about 6 years. At first I did not want to wear diapers but my mom soon got sick of doing laundry all the time. And I hated waking up soaked. I NEVER wet the bed as a kid in fact I was 20 when it started. From there it continued to get worse. I started to need them during the day too. I was so scared to start wearing them. I thought every one could tell. But I was more scared of wetting my pants. And did a couple of times. Thankfully it was at home. But as time went on I became used to it and actually to comfort that I was diapered. It felt so secure and comfortable. I had a pretty funny reaction from my family at first. My mom hated to see it. Now my entire family is pretty used to it. Me too I actually look forward to a fresh diaper. Feels so good!!!!!!!!!

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    Yeah as both a day time and a night time wetter I can vouch for this. How ever it is getting better and better for me which I hope it continues for it so that when I do find the right one for me. She will not be freaked out by me wearing diapers and I could be what I want to be. A father of some children which I am hoping for about 4 - 6 maybe 7 kids. And hey if any of them are bed wetters and even day time wetters they will have a very understanding father who will love them through the problem and make sure they are taken care of. And as I hate pedophiles they are hopefully going to be equipped and trained on Tazers, Stunners, pepper spray and there will be a brick in my daughters purses.

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