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    Hello, yeah so i just recently found out that...i can Not draw a furrsona...yeah, it sucks.

    So I'm becoming a beggar and asking of the artists, with their magical hands, if one of them would be kind enough to draw a furrsona for me.

    If i happen to be lucky enough to strike a note in an artists heart; here's the, fairly vague, guidelines. If said artist happens to know of the 'Firefox' (yes i'm talking about Mozilla) then just a furrsona centered around that idea. (i beleive in artistic creativity ^^....and i'm being lazy)

    Much Love - Tyler
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    Happens to the a lot of people. I can't draw worth crap either =P

    Unless you know very nice people, or are close friends with an artist, there's a really low chance you can get a free picture. You might have to pay.

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    Doubt fully you will find an artist here. Even I've had to pay for a lot of my commissions

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    Ah well, it was worth a shot. I'm loving the paint drawn fox though.

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    Well, there's only the link that's been in my sig for the last 6 weeks...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Tyler View Post
    Ah well, it was worth a shot. I'm loving the paint drawn fox though.
    It was photoshop, thank you very much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andysetra View Post
    That's a tail, right?......right?

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