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    Hello everyone,

    Thanks for all of your posts. This seems like a very welcoming site. I recently returned to the life (DL) after about a 6-year hiatus. During that six years, I got married and adopted my wife's two sons.

    During a moment of high stress, I told my wife of my...proclivities. She was very encouraging and supportive. My first new suit was an Abina X4. What an advancement! My second was an Attends Breathable crapfest (the product, not what I did) Just yesterday I received some Dry 24/7s. I'll have to review them all in depth sometime.

    I'm also a black dude. Any others around? It's occurred to me, I haven't seen or heard from any others with this type of love.

    Hang in there!


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    Glad to hear you have such a supportive wife- I know we have our fair share of posters here who are married or soon-to-be who're trying to figure out how best to clue in their significant others. I'm sure your experience will be a great benefit to them. I too have a supportive spouse (ok, fiancee), so I know how wonderful that can be.

    Do you have any non-diaper related interests you want to share with us? I'd love to live where you live; the hiking and kayaking in the Pacific Northwest is unlike anything we have here out East.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Every year or so, someone polls the community with regard to race. There are usually a few African-Americans (as best I remember), but not too many. The composition here (as best I remember) is mostly Europeans- either in Europe or in America and of European descent. I also think we have a fair amount of hispanics, but that's more of an anecdotal account than anything else.

    If you're curious, hop on the Off Topic forum and start a thread with a poll about it. I don't think we've had that discussion in a year or so, so it would probably get some discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xtrabulk View Post
    I'm also a black dude. Any others around? It's occurred to me, I haven't seen or heard from any others with this type of love.
    Not many black dudes, as you say, that I've seen.

    In all the time I've wandered around the Internet and WWW looking at/for this, you are one of but a handful.

    Really glad to hear that your wife took it well.

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