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Thread: Chess!

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    Default Chess!

    Does anyone play it?

    Recently I have been playing more and more chess. It has only been a couple of days but I've managed to lose a significant amount of my rust. While I was never very good, I used to be on the chess team in high school. But I stopped after 10th grade when my family moved and I switched schools. However I feel my interest in the game beginning to spark again.

    Does anyone on ADISC play chess?

    I am always looking for people to play. Recently I've been going onto yahoo chess, but it kinda gets dull when my opponent is unresponsive. =p

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    I uses to play chess back in middle/high school, but I haven't play it in a while...

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    Grades 1-4, I was a chess machine. Then Pokemon cards came around, and I really haven't played since.

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    I still play chess pretty rarely, I would not mind playing you sometime.

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    White rook to C3. Yes I play chess. When I had my back problems, I would play computer chess all night long. I even beat the computer a few times on level 2. Not bad for me.

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    I smell a tournament of the Adsic'ers brewing.

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    I used to play during my breaks. I switched schools after 8th though so I only did it for 2 year. I'm not bad but not good either.

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