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    okay i see the other threads are closed. i barely saw a commercial the other day so i decided fuck it and tried them while i had the money
    sale 0-10
    discreetness: 10 they look like real underwear
    sound: 0 - didn't hear a thing except when unfolding it.
    comfyness: well... the material is super nice, like better than some underwear I've had, the padding is nice in the front but is stiff at first, however within like 5 minutes it's nice.
    capacity: as always with depend, shitty- no pun intended, they hold one wetting with me and that's only they ones i get when diapered where i don't have a lot in my bladder. that being said I've had underjams that held more
    price: $12 for 12 of the smalls, $12 for 10 of the larges. so about a buck a diaper.

    Overview: depend is shit but as far as my overall impression of their brand alone the "Our Best Protection" claim is true. however i still say go get something online or at least like Walgreen brand or i bet Wal-mart might even be better, not gonna try those, sorry folks. so yeah depend is shit in the end.

    use for discreetness and if you don't plan on wetting much if at all.

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    Wow then they "Still" will not hold a wetting for me, teddies good for like 2 wettings for me.
    They were my first diaper, tho I do get other things for long time now.
    Thanks for the review tho :3

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