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Thread: what are the best pull up like diapers

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    Default what are the best pull up like diapers

    so what is the best adult diaper that are like pullups because when i get my permit and a car i would like to buy diapers even though i live in my parents house but i have good hiding spots

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    hi cvilledperdyl
    Ok, there's a ton of products for sale that are adult pullups, lots of them really suck!

    You will find lots of Tena and Depend pullups at CVS, Walgreens and RiteAid Drugs, etc. I am not sure how big you are, but lots of us can fit in the L-XL GoodNites, and guess what, the private label CVS SleepPants are just like GoodNites, but plain white, and they have a roomier fit then the name-brand GoodNites (which have cool prints on them by the way).

    pic of CVS SleepComforts:

    Do you want plain white pullups, a color or pattern on them, or will you take anything that fits and works good?

    I am sure our experts here at ADISC can help you find the best product for you, cvilledperdyl.

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    I think the depends for men underwear in white are basically like adult goodnites

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    I use these Tena Women Heavy Protection Underwear Super Plus | Walgreens Heck they took 3 full wettings today at the movies and are snug. Highly recommend if u have a small butt.

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    The best pullups I've tried are Tena Maxis. I'm too big to fit in Goodnites or anything similar so I don't know how they compare though.

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    Tena pants maxi are good, if you can get to a medical supply store that sell molicares then the molicare super pull ups are the best that i've tried so far:l

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