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Thread: Favorite cover song?

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    Default Favorite cover song?

    Since the old cover song thread died awhile ago, lets begin anew? Thus, as the title says, what is your favorite (or for those who can't decide, top 3 or something) cover song?

    I will add as well a related but separate question: What makes a good cover song in your opinion?

    As for mine, I'm going to be indecisive and list two. The first would be, if I had to decide, my favorite of the two by far: Johnny Cash's cover of Hurt (Original: Nine Inch Nails)

    There is just something about it that I love, not withstanding that (if I didn't know) you wouldn't think that it was a cover at all. To me, it is like you can feel the pain is in voice giving the lyrics a major oomph, it just feels...genuine I suppose? Kind of that feel of an old man towards the end of his life looking back on the hurt and such. *shrugs* kind of bad at describing why I like songs but yeah, and this isn't saying the Nine Inch Nails version lacks any of the same power. I firmly believe that both are great, and its just a matter of preference to which version you like better.

    The second one is Gary Jules' cover of Mad World (original by Tears for Fears)
    Mad World - Gary Jules - YouTube

    One of the things that makes it better then the original for me (And a great song by itself) is partly that Jules basically re-did everything but the lyrics. Jules slowed it down, changed the music almost completely (From the more ominous sound of the original, and the rest as well) and dumped the metronome sounds, for lack of better words. The slow tempo, especially noticeable in the chorus, combined with the musical change and Jules' singing turned it into a sad, depressing sound and song, especially highlighting the well sad and depressing lyrics. The original was more of a upbeat song with sad, depressing lyrics. I do like that he did clean up the background "noises" so to speak, again highlighting more of the lyrics which I do like obviously, and yeah.

    So anyways, those are a couple of my favorites and convoluted kind of explanations of why. With that, what are your favorite cover songs (you don't have to get really into why if you don't want to/have the time to)?

    Oh and sorry for the...biittttt depressing opening post to this.

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    Perhaps this is more of a remix than a cover, but i love the JXL remix of A little less conversation...

    Elvis vs JXL - A Little Less Conversation ft. Elvis Presley - YouTube

    I think this version puts a very lighthearted spin on the song, they improved the vocals from the original recording (pitch correction) and...

    ...Honestly? They did a fantastic job of pointing out how amazingly absurd and chauvinistic the lyrics are. xD

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    Eric Claptons cover of bob marleys I shot the sheriff

    Joe Cockers cover of The Beatles with a little help from my friends (he takes it to a whole new level)

    Jimi Hendrix cover of Bob Dylan's All Along the Watchtower

    All three of these songs I appreciate the original as well as the cover. In fact the only song I don't have a copy of in my viny collection is joe Cockers version of with a little help from my friends (I did see him preform it live last year though and it sent chills down my spine)

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    Walk of the Earth - Someody I used to know (sorry my keys don't all work today)

    Rufus Wainwright: Hallelujah

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    I really like the Futurehead's cover of Kate Bush's 'Hounds of Love'.

    Probably because it's so different from the original.

    My favourite though would probably be the Mark Ronson 'Just' (original Radiohead).

    Mark Ronson - Just - YouTube

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    Hmmm... I'll go with Counting Crows' 2012 cover of Gram Parsons' "Return of the Grievous Angel."

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    Cake's 'I will survive' cover is pretty good, and about 1000% better than the original.

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    This is a really huge head-banging flock of awesomeness: Quiet Riot's 1983 cover for the excellent "Cum on Feel the Noize" song from the 70s glam rock band called Slade.

    This song is still sometimes played on 96.9 WWUZ FM, one of Virginia's radio stations that my dad listens to. Also, if you tune in to VH1 Classic which plays music videos of classic songs from the 70s through the mid-90s, there's a chance that you'll spot this music video in the video I embedded.

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    Personally I love this homeless mans cover of Creep by Radiohead.

    Homeless Mustard Sings "Creep" GREATEST Cover EVER - YouTube

    Creep has always been a song that I felt connected to but not nearly as much as this guy. The amount of emotion that comes out of him in this cover is almost beautiful, you can hear it in the guitar, in his voice, you can tell that this is a man with a dark past. He really understands what the song is about in my opinion and he plays it perfectly. I think what makes a good cover is when the person doing the cover adds that little something extra that makes it feel like a whole new version of the song, otherwise it is just forgettable. This guy added so much more depth to this already deep song.

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