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Thread: whats your favorite song

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    Default whats your favorite song

    mine is gamer forever the nightcore version is ten times better than the original

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    Bonjour Yamser
    I've been obsessed with this one song by M.C. Amin, however I'm not sure what the exact name is. I get "Good Morning Yamsr" or "Bonjour Yamser" when using some online translators.

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    There are way too many great songs that I have listened to. But one of my favorite songs of all time has to be "The Wild and the Young" from the super-awesome metal band Quiet Riot.

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    Absolute favorite right here, please listen to it if you haven't, this is truly a phenomenal masterpiece. Truly beautiful

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    Here's another one of my favorite songs.

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    I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. I actually did a piano cover of it on my own YouTube channel.
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    You get 10 points if you know where it's from.

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    I can't make my mind up, but I think it will always be one of these:
    Shinedown- Devour
    Led Zeppelin- Achilles last stand
    Led Zeppelin ft. Foo fighters- Rock and Roll
    Foo Fighters- The Pretender
    Def Leppard- Action
    AC/DC- Thunderstruck
    AC/DC- Shoot to Thrill
    Iron maiden- Minutes to Midnight
    Iron maiden- The Trooper
    Iron maiden- Dance of Death
    Alice Cooper- Poison
    Black Stone Cherry- Blind Man

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    Mine has got to be "If Everyone Cared" from Nickelback's album "All The Right Reasons".

    Yes, yes, I am aware of the massive amount of topics between lovers and haters of the band.
    But this is a pretty deep song in my opinion. All The Right Reasons has a fair few of them.

    I'd personally like to hear some recommendations of similar songs.

    Whilst not my favourite, among my many likes in different styles, I also enjoy just about anything made by Queen...

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