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Thread: How ouch is your bank account

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    Little ollie

    Default How ouch is your bank account

    Just asking how much is in your bank account as I am curious

    Mine's 630 till next Saturday then it is a massive 0 After buying a 125.

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    This is such a rude question. :sly:


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    I have about 2000 USD in savings from all the work I've done and all the junk food I didn't buy :p

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    He's gonna hack into your account! =o
    I don't have a bank account! =P

    And 'How ouch is your bank account'?

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    That is between me and my bank and the bridge-trolls at the tax department.

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    Depends on the day of the week. After paying my rent, my cable (tv/internet), my mobile, buying a bus pass, purchasing groceries and other's usually 0, although it's about 200 dollars at the moment and will be more on Tuesday (about 600). Which is good when you consider I'm currently unemployed (well I start my new job on Monday, but won't be paid 'til at least the 29th)!

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    Never use it, I have another account, although my parents are the ones who are on it, I need to put some money in it and use it for buying crinkles and paying for my MMO games and steam games and such.

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    Around $417 after 1k car keying thing I did and a $800 laptop $215 psp $133.29 fastfood and $20 skateboard . eh I get paid during the summer when I work.

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    How ouch is in my bank account, eh? Well, none I guess you could say, as I'm in the black. Either way, that's a pretty private question that I'm not about to answer .

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