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    I love underwear. My favorite kind of underwear is diapers. My next favorite is low-rise briefs. I don't like women's underwear because they don't fit my anatomy. I have one male thong from 'Intimo' that's really comfy. I like the boxer briefs that Aeropostale has because they have really cute designs.

    Does anyone else have an underwear fetish?

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    i wouldn't say i have an underwear fetish but recently i have found the fun in traing pants, i bought these kind

    and i found these cute bell bottom pants aswell

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    I wouldn't call it a fetish as such, but other than diapers, I prefer wearing boxer-briefs to boxer shorts or panties, they're much more comfortable. If I'm in a girly kind of mood, then I go with some nice soft frilly panties, though.

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    diapers only

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    PANTYS, PANTYS and PANTIES! However you want to spell it I've some strange attraction to woman's underthings and the woman wearing them. I've a large collection from girls i've known most they gave them to me as souvineers and some random finds as well as a few clothesline grabs from my youth. It's amazing how often one can find a pair of panties on the side of the road or at the beach. Naked porn is not so hot as a woman in the perfect pantys, slowley sliding them down... It is not so much a wearing them thing as a reminder of where they have been.
    If you mean "what do I wear?" I'm a boxers guy first then I go camo, diapers when I can.

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