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    Talking Hello to all who read this

    hello everyone,

    i about to graduate high school this friday!YAY!!! anyways for quite a few years i became interested in being a professional photographer and travel the world.

    i started to become interested in wearing diapers since i started going through puberty. i always thought there nothing wrong with wearing diapers. i have a hard time with people that think that just becuase someone different or who dont live up to there standerds that is wrong or something bad.

    i hope you all welcome me into your community not as a stranger or in any negitive way. but as a another human being that just happens to have similar interests as you.

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    Welcome to the site and congratulations on graduating. Don't worry about being accepted, as most all of us wear diapers for one reason or another. I used to be big into photography, taking pictures with a Canon 35 mm. and film. It was a lot of fun and I took some really neat pictures. We used to go to northern Ontario for vacation, where you could only get to the cottage by boat. There was a doctor with a sea plane who would come flying into the lake. I took some good pictures of his bright yellow plane.

    Now, everything is in the digital domain. Some day, I hope to upgrade into something more interesting and expensive, haha. Anyway, welcome.

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