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Thread: Yay tornados!!!!

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    Default Yay tornados!!!!

    i curious are there tornados elswhere in the world or is it jut a midwest america phenomenon.

    well i got to go now as one is bout to roll through here soon but i was just curious so thought id ask

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    Tornadoes happen all over the world but the US has the most tornadoes by far.

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    We've had tornadoes in Virginia and we're sheltered by the mountains, so I suspect they can happen almost anywhere. They're just so massive in the mid west. They also were devastating in Alabama a year ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    They also were devastating in Alabama a year ago.
    I've heard it multiple times before and unfortunately I can't find it right now, but it's been said that Alabama, among a few other states, has a second tornado season. My Government teacher in high school was from North Alabama and when the tornadoes hit like they did he lost friends and his childhood house. His family was fine though.

    In my particular area of Alabama, we have funny weather all year round. This January we were wearing shorts. The weather is just absolutely crazy! Sometimes in June it near about freezes.

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    You my friend are also in what is called "Tornado Alley" or if not in the direct area just east of if I know In Minnesota we are in tornado alley but i have yet to see one. I have seen the aftermath but not a tornado.

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    Tornado Alley gets hit the hardest of anywhere in the world, although they've occurred on every continent except Antarctica.

    We get them fairly often here, though we've been lucky so far this year. A few years back I watched two of them from outside my living room window within a half-hour timeframe.

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    Tornadoes happen everywhere in the world, but in some places they are a lot more frequent than others. Tornado alley is the loose geographical area in the centre of the US with the highest tornado rate per square kilometre in the world. It also has most of the category 4 or 5 ones. If you take the entire country though, the rate is actually fairly low.

    Top in the world for tornado frequency is The Netherlands with 0.00048 per sq km per year, and in second place is the UK (particularly England) with 0.00013 per sq km per year. The UK has about 30 per year which is the most in Europe, they are all usually category 0-1 though.
    Outside of Europe other relatively high risk areas are South Africa, Argentina, parts of east Asia, Australia and New Zealand. If I recall correctly Bangladesh has over 50 people killed each year by tornadoes which is the highest in the world.

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    Cool I've always had a facination with tornados and in my teen years I used to chase ones that came near Paducah (that stopped with me being stupid and getting too close to an f1 which completely destroyed my truck which I had to quickly anchor to a tree.) but I've heard roumors only of tornados in Australia never took time to confirm them but is it true that tornadoes spin backwards in southern hemisphere?

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    We usually get the same ones over here in Southeast MO. But it seems this spring most of the storms have been forming over the Mississippi river, and heading East. We haven't had a good rain on my farm in about 2 months.

    I am here:

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    oh the storm we had last night was wicked thunder rattling the whole house 60+ mph winds one tornado touched down outside of a neiboring community (can't really call it a town since it is mostly rural farm land)

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