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Thread: Memory Block of Wearing Protective Undergarments as a Child

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    Default Memory Block of Wearing Protective Undergarments as a Child

    I am curious if anyone else has experienced the childhood experience of having protective undergarments in your clothing drawer but not actully recall wearing them. I vividly recall having plastic underpants put on me at a church camp after I wet my sleeping bag 3x straight; I was 5 years old. I recall always seeing 2 pair of bubble-gum colored plastic underpants in my underwear drawer until I was around 7 - 8 years old. I do not recall wearing them each night but do remember asking my mother if she could remove them when I was 6 because I was afraid one of my friends might open my drawer and see them. She just replied "let's see how things go fo a while". I would move them to the back of the drawer and cover them with my underwear but in a day or two they would be back upfront and on top. I sort of guessed my older brother might have been moving them up to embarass me if a friend did see them but he never said anything (and he usually would). I then remember when I was eight and wet my friend's bed and after this his mother putting me in a full diaper with plastic underpants (had red fire trucks on them!). She did not do this to punish me but rather to help me (which it did - the bed remained dry after I had a large accident one night). At that point I switched from fear and embarassment to a feeling of security I re-started in college and still have today. I had a plastic mattress cover on my bed until age 11 and remember cringing when my friends would sit on my bed (but yet none of them ever said anything, but I do remember some of them had plastic sheets on their beds also). Once again, when I asked if it could be removed around age 9, my mother said "let's see how things go". She must have had a good reason for the plastic mattress cover on my bed and the plastic underpants she kept for me. A friend in college thought the underpants were moved up to the front because after I wet myself and my underwear at night my mom would wash them and put them there (and I would move them to the back of the drawer again). It just seems strange I do not recall wearing those plastic underpants even though they must have been put on me at night. Funny thing is I recall wearing diapers / plastic underpants whenever I was out of my house and someone else placed them on me. Does it seem plausible I wore them every night and blocked it from my mind because I was afraid someone would know so I tried to just erase it from my own mind? I only recall wet, cold sheets a few times and I really hated that but I was not wearing any protection then. If I wore plastic underpants over my underwear at night and wet myself I do not recall being uncomfortable; maybe this made it easier for me to block it. With all the facts I do recall it just seems strange........thanks for your insights gang.

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