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Thread: Im back adisc.

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    Default Im back adisc.

    I am not new to adisc, i was a member on this site a few years ago under the username "Stealthcat" during the summer of 2010.. I was very.. Imaginative.. I had been familiar with ad/dl/tbs for about 3 months by this point.. and decided it would be a good idea to tell my mom, i asked the members of adisc, if it would be a good idea to tell her, everyone said no. But i stuck with my gut.. thinking she would go out and buy me diapers that very night, and be supportive of me, and guess what. She started crying..

    She couldent stop crying, and kept saying she was going to take me to a psycharitrist.. After about 20 minutes of my trying to explain it to her and that i couldent control it, i made up a lie and said that it was just a phase, and that i watched some porn online and it made me think thats what i liked.. Well i was so traumatized by this experience that i totally gave up diapers for a year, i threw out all my underjams and everything.

    2 year later, i had been grounded for skipping school, and i didnt have my computer at all (Which i usually use for a distraction from diapers) and i started to think about diapers again, and i bought some pampers baby dry size 6 and i loved them. i started to view adisc again, and talk to my friend youngbear that i met the summer of 2010, and ive decided to come back.

    The moral of the story? Im intensly stupid, and should have listened to the members here on adisc. Never have i regretted something more in my life, And to all those who have some stupid fantasy that there parents are gonna let them roam around in nothing but a diaper? It will never freaking happen.

    Hello again Adisc.

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    Great to have you back but it's one account to a member, so you're going to have to get that settled before we can get properly reaquainted. Sorry for the hassle.

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