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Thread: Huggies Diapers

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    Default Huggies Diapers

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knew if any of the Huggies diapers had stretchy sides? Thanks in advance for all help.

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    Yes some do I beleive it is like size 3 and up if I am not mistaken.

    And no they wont fit you.

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    Yeah when people ask about baby diapers its usually more to get off than anything else. That's why I full heartedly agree with how awesome the person above me is.

    Not that I am saying your like that garnet however until you prove me wrong I have to call em as I see em.

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    Huggies aren't that stretchy, and they run much smaller than Pampers or Luvs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Possibly Insane View Post
    Huggies aren't that stretchy, and they run much smaller than Pampers or Luvs.
    OK well that answers my question b/c I love the Pampers and the size 6 fit me pretty well and hold alot. So I guess I will just stick with Pampers and this thread can go ahead and be deleted.

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    The quality of the baby diapers has really taken a dive over the last 6 years. The manufacturer's main motivation is to produce the maximum volume at the lowest cost, while preserving absorbency, fit, and leak retention. The products are made thinner to maximize shelf space. Meaning, they have more polymer and less fluff than ever. I am sure the trend will continue. Currently, the best for durability, absorbency, and finish are the Huggies. They don't stretch as much, but will hold up better for those who can use them.


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    Gotta love capitalism... it's all about the almighty dollar. Cut quality a little... keep the price the same... as long as you don't loose too many customers you're doing just fine.

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    The dollar really should carry the motto "In Money We Trust", because that's the only God of Capitalism.

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    I recently got a sample of Abena's Air X-Plus diapers from XP Medical. Their quality is vastly superior to any infant diaper I've seen offered, perhaps even to the older, thicker Pampers Supremes made back in the mid to late 1990s. They fasten with a tape/velcro combination. They are fully symmetrical, no shift in the padding or misplaced fluff anywhere and quality control is top-notch. There seems to be a decoupling here, with the trend towards a better grade of adult products. The difference here, I believe, has to do with what the customers demand. And they are willing to spend more to get more.

    Also, the price of Abena's products have remained flat or decreased. They are putting out more quantity, at a reduced price per unit, as a result of lower overhead and better efficiency. Kimberly Clark and the cheap drugstore manufacturers could be in for a world of hurt.


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    Gosh, sometimes I wish I could fit into huggies diapers...normally that is. I am still a pretty skinny girl but I don't feel babyish when I have to modify the diaper and it looks ridiculous.

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