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    So, the whole reason why I bring this topic up is because I often try and have baby related dreams about video game characters.

    This one happened recently:

    My dream early this morning started out where I was at an elementary school. Serah Farron was the teacher there and she was supposed to be my mom in the dream.

    The one thing that frustrated me the most in the dream was that I kept trying to walk into the classroom where she was teaching. The classroom had students who I really couldn't tell the age off but they were in grade school. When I tried to walk into the classroom to see my mom, Serah, another lady who I did not recognize walked up to me from the front of the classroom and told me to leave. This lady kind of looked like she was wearing an deatheater outfit from Harry Potter.

    I her the death eater lady remember saying something like "Up to no good?" And then shooing me off to the outside were a playground was.

    I did see Serah once in the dream, but she had seemed to disappear into a classroom/other world but it seemed like both. That was basically when I started to wander through this school. I didn't even bother asking any question to people, i just wandered around like a lost soul.

    The really weird part to this was that I was a baby in the dream so when I was in the dream I felt like a full-grown adult midget, but i also knew I was just a baby.

    But, just take a guess about what I was thinking about before falling asleep.

    I had this one a while back too, but it was a lot more vivid and I was using sleep sound patterns.

    So I turned the brain wave inducer off before I drifted into sleep but I had a really short and vivid dream that I was in a womb. I looked at my hands I was an animated character with a final fantasy 13 feel to it. If I wasn't mistaken I was becoming a child to snow villiers and serah farron from the game. It looked 3 dimensional but so real. I was in a womb, I wasn't fully developed but I was not me from this life anymore. I knew nothing of it.

    Yeah, its pretty weird stuff. But, has anything like this happened to you?
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    Pretty outstanding dream. Whatever you put in your tea the night before, can I please have some?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HokieABDL View Post
    Pretty outstanding dream. Whatever you put in your tea the night before, can I please have some?
    I wish I knew what I put in my tea, or what I did right.

    I think I have successfully regressed in my dreams as far as I know. I've been having playground and daycare dreams for quite a while now.

    Oh, I found another that I had a long time ago. It is diaper related.

    In my dream about two days agos I was dreaming that I was at a convenient store. I was in the baby section looking for diapers in size 8 and they had them. I was trying to make up my mind if I wanted orange or blue diapers it was very strange. And in the dream I was thinking about how I couldn’t be small and innocent and look good wearing diapers because I was older and that upset me in the dream so I left without reckoning anymore diapers in the baby isle. I remember telling a lady “it wasn’t easy having to deal with the same underpants all the time” and she told me it was my mistake. I felt like an unwritten child’s book without any pictures.

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