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Thread: TENA® YOUTH BRIEF (17"-29" Hip/Waist Size)

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    Default TENA® YOUTH BRIEF (17"-29" Hip/Waist Size)

    Hi all i was searching For a thread on the TENA® YOUTH BRIEF (17"-29" Hip/Waist Size) but couldent find one that awsered my questions :/, so im looking for a better diaper and ive never tryed the tap side ones coz i only wear drynites, i many want a diaper that fits nice and can take 1 to 2 pees with out leaking!! Like drynites i have a 29-30in waist so hoping they will not be too tight it would be great to hear from somone who has used them so any feed back would be awesome oh and i dont realy want to get an adult diaper dont like them :s

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    the tena-slip small (and even medium) will suit you better. the small size is often used by children under 10, the extra-small is baby-sized.

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    doesent seem to be an artical on it but it looks just like the tena slip which is an adult diaper.

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    The XS is the same size of a Pamper 6. It's less stretchy, so a Pampers 6 would have a little bite wider wings. The pad is wider on the Tean though.

    The Tena Small might be more fitting for a small adult. I have a 32" waist and I can wear one using only the top tape. I fit in Medium.

    I use the Tena slip XS as stuffers for my diapers. They are very good at that.

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    They will most likely not fit, I have tried them before. If you can tape them on the tapes will cut into your side. I am 5`9" and 110 lbs -115 on a good day with a 26" waist and no butt lol. They fit but the bottom tape was uncomfortable.

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