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Thread: How did you figure out what your fursona species was

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    Default How did you figure out what your fursona species was

    Hiya! XD

    its been awhile since ive posted on here but with real life so busy what can you do?

    So title um says it did you figure out what species you were? was it your favorite animal when you were a kid? Did you just pick what you felt was right? Or did you do something more practical like...wait til all the planets were aligned and the moon light beams down its brightest light on you, giving you subliminal dreams of diapered Foxes frolicking through a forest playing tag, to then wake up and say "yup im a shark."

    I am trying to find out ideas on picking a species, so I can finally determine what fursona I am. I have always felt like I was a baby fur, and recent contact with furry friends in Second Life kinda made me wanna actually, take the time to determine what my fursona is...I have been claiming I was furry on ADISC Second Life and everywhere else but never once actually came up with the concept of my fursona's species

    I know what your thinking "Toddy's so silly he can always just change or have multiple fursonas" True as that might be id feel like I would be cheating on myself on something XD So for that reason I only want one fursona to represent me and want it to be purfect (lol) this is probably why I never actually came up with my fursona due to my stubbornness of not being able to make my mind up on one species.

    So how did you guys figure out what species you wanted to represent you?

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    Umm..I dunno...I'm just a baby bunny...that's who I am. That said, I've roleplayed various feline characters and even a raccoon mommy/baby...oddly I don't really RP with my true fursona. LOL

    I noticed you said "purfect" (or maybe that should be "purr-fect") so maybe you're some kind of cat. As comedian Maz Jobrani says "I'm Perrrrrrrrrsian! Meow!" *giggles hysterically*

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    For me it was simply a lot of trial and error until I thought of a bichon frise. Then I smacked myself on the head because I felt like it was, in hindsight, such an obvious choice.

    Just ponder the mater and eventually something will just feel right.

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    I dunno. It depends on what animal felt the closest to my personality, really. I mean, I have quite the few vulpine characteristics (small things, mostly), so a fox just fit. *Shrugs* What animal do you think represents your personality? That would be a good starting point

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    I've always loved dogs/wolves how the're so loyal and stuff and the ways there eyes glow.. i just felt drawn towards them from a very young age like 4-5 (make believe then but real now) so when i found out about furries via the interweb i just went i fit so many of these things i must be one and with my attachments to canines i knew i was an angelic wolf/fox (i loved angels 2 so i gave winter angel wings that appear when i want......(yes my fursona is all over the web))

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    I've always felt a love for large cats. The hard decision was to figure out weather I liked Tigers or Lions more. Lions had simba going for them, and also that they get to hang out in groups all of the time. But Tigers looked cooler, and are a little more adventurous in my opinion. Then the fact that i had a white bengal tiger plush, just pretty much pushed the rest of my decision through. Now i'm a white bengal tiger.

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    It's mainly a matter of self-knowing. This may be strange, but I knew I wanted to be a tiger before I even discovered the furry fandom! I guess I had the feeling deep down inside of wanting to be a tiger as long as I can remember. I remember playing house in my primary school, I would always be the pet.
    So it's your decision to make. you can be anything you want to be.
    There are fursonas more popular than others: Wolves; Foxes and Huskies tend to be the most popular but it still doesn't mean you could pick one of those or the obscure ones can be: Dragons; Dinosaurs or Hybrids.
    So It's your choice to make
    Hope this Helps
    Anakin Furlover

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    I've just always had an affinity for dragons. All throughout my childhood, I seemed to get exposed to dragons constantly, usually through TV or video games. I always loved dragons and wanted to be one myself.

    Now that I'm older, I still love them, and I love being one. There is just nothing cooler than flying around, breathing fire, and having scales and a badass tail.

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    Seriously? I have no idea.
    It was one of those never-ending, boring, rainy days when I suddenly grabbed a pencil and started drawing that little guy to my left. When I was done, I just thought "... A... diapered... rabbit... thing?... Hell yeah!". Thatīs the story. It just happened. Automatically. If someone had told me „Hey, your fursonaīs a freakinī bunny!“, I certainly would have thrown a carrot-shaped stone at him and run away.
    I didnīt choose my fursona, it chose me, and I donīt regret that decision ^^

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    I have two fursonas! I have a snow leopard cheetah cross and a pink husky though I'm mainly the husky and honestly I picked the leopard cross because I love big cats but the husky, I don't know it just "came to me". I never wanted to be a generic species but I just had an idea for my pink husky girl and I just ran with it and it stuck! (and is starting to become more well known O.O) and it definitely really fits me and reflects on the outside what I feel like on the inside, which is a happy colored, quirky, ball of fluff my girl is a chubby white pink and black husky girl with green eyes, white hair mottled paw pads, a curly tail, and one floppy ear I gave her my height and body type and an exaggerated version of my eyes and most people who know my irl agree that my 'sona fits me to a T! (my fursona is primarily adult though I do have cub art of her and she's know as an adult)

    Also if you have lots of aspects to you don't be afraid to have multiple 'sons or do what I did and have a main fursona (or two XD) and then have a couple of characters that are also reflections of you. Like all told for my characters I have my pink husky sona, my leopard/cheetak sona, an african wild dog with blue markings (who is primarily a cub) and then a sparkle-creature thats neon green and pink and blue and then a rainbow fox-shark hybrid!! I'm also considering adding a horse you also can get or draw art of your character as different species!! Like for fun I'm considering drawing my pinkie as a corgi or a papillon!

    any who you can go to furaffinity and think of random species and do searches on them and see if one piques your interest and then make your own unique character of that species!!

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