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Thread: Does anyone think not using your diapers is a waste?

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    Default Does anyone think not using your diapers is a waste?

    I know there are some DL's that don't use their diapers because they don't like to wet them nor mess themselves. They just like to wear them as if they are underwear.

    I just cannot see myself doing this because to me if be wasting a diaper and I would always have to wet it before throwing it out and have to have lot of pee in it or I have wasted it and it can't be barely wet or else I would still feel I wasted it.

    I do the same with pull ups. When I would wear pull ups in the past just for the feeling, I would wet it before I would throw it out because I had worn it for so long so it was time to toss it out. I have used them for my periods and I would still feel I'd be wasting it if I don't pee in it. So I would start using them right before I would throw it out.

    But yet with cloth I don't feel that way because they are reusable and you can wear them like underwear if you want and washing them wouldn't matter. I will sometimes wear them and not use them. But now that I am in diapers 24/7, I don't have much of a choice so I would have to hold it or sneak using the bathroom.

    Does anyone else feel the same way about not using your diapers or feel other people who don't use theirs are wasting theirs?

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    I agree I dont take one off until my diaper is used even when people are over I just hide in my room and drink a lot of water

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    Im the same way.

    When I have alot of a certain diaper,I run the suply down to one left and save that last one for collection reasons...

    on topic:Ever diaper I use,I use all the way to its max so I feel that I didnt waste it because it would be a waste to not use it all the way like it was ment to be....Hope you understand that..

    Cloth diapers...I dont have any yet but If I did,I would use it like normal ¨big boy¨underwear,not urinating in it or anything else.

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    I only ever used one at a time so never change into a clean nappy afterwards and as I can't keep many handy wasting one would probably make me cry like a baby..... Hang on!!!!!!!!

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    I'm in pretty solid control of my bladder and bowels, so in that sense, every diaper I use is a waste. If we take a broader definition of "need" to include a strong desire, then it doesn't matter whether or not waste is deposited in it. Whatever serves that desire consists of use and it isn't wasted.

    While using diapers was not initially part of my routine, I got to enjoy it once I had access to diapers that were the right size. It's part of the overall experience for me now, so I wouldn't wear without the intention to eliminate in them. I don't really care what uses other people put diapers to if they're not involving me in some way.

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    I totally agree i usually wear mine for a night and the whole next day then i will wet it and throw it away.

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    I look forward to more frequent days of being able to take off a dry diaper in the morning but thats my point of view. I guess to some extent if they give you peace of mind then even that is not "wasted", just a point of view kinda thing I guess.

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    I can't bring myself to throw away a dry nappy, always have to wet it at least once before taking it off! Even seems a bit of a waste if less than half the capacity of the nappy is used. Could re-use a dry one I suppose but the fit won't be quite the same.

    There may be some AB/DLs who don't like wetting but I guess it's fairly rare, as most nappy wearers will know you don't really feel wet in a good adult disposable unless you really flood it, it's just a nice warm bulky feeling, and you may as well take advantage of the convenience if you're wearing one unless you really dislike the feeling!

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    The times that I have slept in a diaper and then had to take it off for various reasons in the morning is always dissapointing, but since it wasn't actually used I just save it for later that day or th next, then wear it again and use it. It doesn't fit as well but it still works and its just fine if you are into wearing 2 and use that as the first layer

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    I have wet every diaper I've worn to some extent or another. Yes I feel that if I do not use it for it's intended purpose I feel it is wasted.

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