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Thread: What's your 'most awkward' situation you've been in?

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    Default What's your 'most awkward' situation you've been in?

    Well, today, i was...involved in something pretty akward but rather funny i think. I was heading to the bathroom after lunch with a bunch of my friends. I walked in, and apparently, a teacher had walked in right behind me, which I was not aware of. So, i unzip my jeans, and decide to crack the joke from SuperBad. I said "Hey, Brett, come here!! My dick wont shake itself!" Much to my horror, i hear from the stall next to me a deep voice saying "Do you really think thats appropriate for school?" My friends bust out laughing, yet trying to hold it in at the same time, and we all leave ASAP. What makes it worse, is he HAD to see who i was, because I was wearing my letter jacket, with my name emblazened on the back! But looking back, i think its pretty funny, but definately akward!
    So, whats a particularly akward moment for you? Anything besides the typical diaper confrontation with the parents would be good to, because many of us have already been there, and know its very, very akward!

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    Coming out to a girl, that ended up liking me....yeah.....not fun.

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    lol walked in on someone pissing in the hotel parking garage where I work at...kept saying sorry so i said "don't tell me sorry, tell him," pointing at the security guard behind me

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    Walking in Wal-Mart with a friend, saying in a deep Satanic type voice "MP3 Players!" and then finding out there were people near by, and my friend saying that they looked scared

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    I wasnt thinking and I said a "Your momma" joke to a friend but like two weeks before his mom had passed away, there was this really really awkward moment of silence. I felt terrible about it : (

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    Wow, that's a lot of awkward.

    When I worked as a Don in a university residence, there were a handful of times when I interrupted residents having sex because they were being too loud...

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    I'm choc full of these moments...Here's another (Mandi knows it)...So me and the same friend and before went to go see Get Smart...Well at the end credits, they played 4 Minutes by Madonna, so we are singing it on the way out...And of course there are people outside that hear and see us...So that was pretty embarrassing...We were laughing like the whole way out...That's like the most embarrassing thing ever

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    I once walked in while my brother was in the shower. I was like "My eyes"

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    My brother found my PSP on the top banister of the stair case, and turned it on -- just happened to stumble upon the videos section... hint. And, the worst part, it was TB related.

    I don't keep anything on my PSP anymore.

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    My mom walked in on me wacking it... and told me to take out the trash when I was done.

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