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Thread: anyone else here use TOR?

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    Default anyone else here use TOR?

    to be honest i just now got hit with the new non-toggling tor button addon for firefox and as such i now cant use google search. is the tor button really worth not having google in my main browser or should i un-install and start useing TOR browser bundle when i want to remain anonymous

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    I'd get the Tor Browser package if I were you. Keep your normal browsing and Tor based browsing separate, it helps with the anonymity. Also, if going on .onion sites, be careful! Especially if the place you're following the link from is a little... dodgy.

    And also I'd advise not doing anything too important on it. All you need is a dodgy exit node and they can see quite a bit of what you're doing. *tin foil hat time*

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    as far as normal conections go i have full vidalia. i only used tor button in browser to get around network firewalls to get to blocked sites now it dont want to toggle.

    ok ill look into tor browser then

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