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Thread: I swear it's true, I'm not a banana.

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    Default I swear it's true, I'm not a banana.

    Gi'day. So besides the things I'm sureeee most of us have in common (which I should need not specify) There some things out there which not all of us have in common. Like for one I as a student work 40 hours a week at BP pumping gas D': which is WICKED boring. But afterwards usually every night I get to head down to the near-by comic shop, and play some Magic: The Gathering.

    So more about me.... let's see...... Umm I have been dating my girlfriend for about more than 6 months and told her. I know what some of you people would say about me a 17 year old telling a female who could be immature and tell everyone once/if we break up. But hell it's been a while and things are great and not only does she accept it, but she's starting to come around to play with me a little. And no I am not forcing this on her, but GAWD does she know how happy I would be if she diapered me.

    Hmmmm, well I am also a actor.... not super good in the sense of the school (all they do is musicals X__X) but I'm fairly certain I am great at improv and I was pretty good when I learned to stage fight... but we only had like 4 lessons in my class.

    so 100% thats not all but I can't think of much more right now.... good intro?

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    2 hours and no one has said welcome? Well welcome to adisc, and very nice introduction. I've directed a number of church musicals, and my kids were all in drama throughout school. It's a great thing to do. Our high school, E. C. Glass, has put a number of its students into television shows, people like Faith Prince and Connie Womack, stage name, Connie Britain. Also included in this group is the author of Brave Heart. Needless to say, Glass has a great program and a great director. You Tube E. C. Glass and "Cats" and you'll see. Welcome!

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    I'm new, too, but I'll say hi! It's cool to see another actor who joined so soon after me. I've never gotten to take stage fighting lessons... I bet that's fun. What shows have you been in? I've mostly done musicals, which are your favorite thing, I see =P My biggest role was Shy in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, which was fun, but I've also played the lamb in Charlotte's Web, a duck and tiger lily in Alice in Wonderland, one of the Gemini in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, and about every minor role you could play in Wizard of Oz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotABanana View Post
    so 100% thats not all but I can't think of much more right now.... good intro?
    Great intro. Always happy to meet people from New England, since it's nice to have people in my neck of the woods. I'm from the state next door to you, (I'll give you a hint. Your state fought with New York over the land and it actually resulted in mine being founded) but I live in the one below you.

    I'm also a fellow actor. I have stage experience and I'm always looking for opportunities to stretch the muscle as it were.

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