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Thread: can any one help me please

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    Question can any one help me please

    hi i have been feeling depressed lately and not sure what to do?

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    Reach out to real-life friends and your support network before things get worse.

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    Yes, reach out to someone close to you. I spent a large portion of my life in a depressed state, and in the last year I have managed to stay in the right frame of mind. But I certainly couldn't have done it without the support of my husband and my best girl friend.

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    What's going on in your life that's causing you the depression?

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    You'll find a lot of people on this site who have dealt with depression, myself included. For me, being around others is the biggest help. I also fill my life up with activities. I work two jobs and I enjoy both reading and writing. This summer I won't be working my school job, so I will ride my bike in the morning when I get up. Then I'll come home and take a shower. I look forward to having a cup of coffee in the kitchen or porch and reading the newspaper. In the afternoon I will work on my novel.

    Conversely, I try to avoid the things which do cause depression. Sometimes, I feel a compulsion to visit those markers, so I play music which triggers them, but it's like a necessity, and it helps my writing. But I know that the next morning I'll be back out riding, the wind hitting my face as I fly through the woods, the trestle bridge, and the old train tunnel. Life can be good.

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    visit the docs and get them to refer somewhere for some help, its what i did it really helped.

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    ah, but you be eighteen i remember going through a seriously shit time in my late teens/early twenties (to the point of thinking about topping myself). shit to say, but stick with it and you'll grow out of it, for it's usually true.
    as for sticking with it, like has been said, immerse yourself in social and work activity. and don't take things so seriously (inc. yourself - learn to laugh at yourself and at what others say when they're taking the piss out of you).
    a quick-fix (one i often use) is oily fish. the tablets (cod liver oil) are okay, but real fish works better at lifting your spirits. tinned kippers will do (nice with a traditional loaf and fresh water), but don't eat chocolate afterwards as the chocolate'll taste rancid.
    and exercise, of course (if you don't already). if you're not into that, just bang on some cheesy 70s pop and bop away.
    oh, yeah, and whatever you do, DO NOT listen to sad/introspective songs.
    it's got to be cheesy, cheesy, cheesy pop!

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