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Thread: girlfriend troubles....

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    Default girlfriend troubles....

    ok. so, iv been going out with the same girl for 2 and ahalf years. with in this time, shes cheated on me 2 times, (once with a 22 year old, even tho we were 15 at the time!!!) shes dumped me, an hour later slept with a guy just to hurt me, dumped me again, slept with my BEST friend at school, but i cant get her off my fing mind....someone help!?

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    well, shes delt with a LOT of bullying in her life and iv been trying to be there as much as posable for her...

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    This sounds like a toxic relationship.

    Good thing that you're nearly 18 and going to move on to other things soon.

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    Well it doesn't sound particularly healthy at any rate but I wouldn't be so harsh with that. I mean how much have you dated around? not to be rude, trying to understand

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    the time weve been broken up, about 3 girls.

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    Well if she has cheated on you and slept with someone just to make you angry she has some emotional issues guarenteed. Wouldn't know what bc I don't know her. But it's a hard place to be on the other side of that. Personally I believe if they cheat on you they weren't into the relationship seriously in the first place bc you can't do that to someone you truely care about

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    Quote Originally Posted by h3g3l View Post
    This sounds like a toxic relationship.

    Good thing that you're nearly 18 and going to move on to other things soon.
    Pretty much, that's a textbook toxic relationship you had or have going on, you haven't specified.

    If you haven't already, cut off contact with her and kick her to the curb. I would highly suggest leaving the relationship and doing what's called the no-contact rule. Whatever difficulties she has had in life doesn't excuse poor behavior.

    Her behavior won't change obviously, I'm not sure you want to subject yourself to that kind of torture.

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    yes were are still together, and im going to try to do that...

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