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Thread: Howdy from Texas

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    Talking Howdy from Texas

    Hello guys I know what you're thinking, I'm not that Texan I just think Howdy is a friendly introduction

    I've been into diapers about as long as I can remember, back to when I didn't understand what it was I wanted or was attracted to until I isolated it around 9th grade.

    I really enjoy paintball and my studies take most of my available time but I like to read when I can.

    I came to this site looking for other people to interact with and communicate ideas and feelings. I consider myself very lucky in that I have a wonderful girlfriend who is as supporting as she can be but as she doesn't have the same pull she struggles some with how I think and feel and would just like to know more. So hopefully if I like the community I can get her on here too and she can learn some But I want to make sure its not crowded with the "typical" male AB/DL, you know what I mean


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    Greetings from a fellow texan! It's nice to know you have friends close by(By that I mean nameless, faceless people who happen to live in the same state). Anyway, welcome to ADISC!

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    Hey there texans. I'm glad I found poeple from the same state.

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    hey DLenjoylifeDL this is such a awesome intro allso i didnt know u like paint balling i did alot few years back i stoped do becouse the paint balls give u nastys scares some times at close range and i was geting alot of that and i thought nah cant be asked allso it cost alot of money hopefully i can do it again do when im older as i found it alot of dun just cost alot of money. allso i belve u will find verry good friends here i have hope.

    i wish u have a verry good day and take good care ^^

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