My search attempts at finding a guide or tips didn't prove very fruitful, so here's a quick how to guide and some information concerning structure that should be noted on pacifiers. So without further ado....

Geno's Quick Guide to Pacifier Modding!

Disclaimer and Warning: The tools used involve a very sharp razor blade and super glue epoxy. NEVER face the blade towards you when cutting or haphazardly cut when frustrated. Super glue instantly bonds skin and is an irritant, follow all safety warnings. The pacifiiers used are Nuk and Mam designs, though it seems to follow a theme (like with automotive), it may not work with every paci design. Sorry if the pics are too small, ADISC makes them tiny when uploading from computer, not sure how to tweak that. I might re-work this later with my high def camera.

Want a better nipple on that paci with an awesome cute shield you happen to like? Try a modding! Through some research and tinkering I hope this guide helps fellow AB/DL tinkerers in getting a custom paci that works for them in the easiest way possible. Hopefully I can expand on this by taking apart more brands of pacis and create a complete guide later on. Depending on your brand of paci, you might have to tweak some of these steps. This particular guide shows how to put a Nuk 3 nipple on a Mam shield.

What You'll Need

Used in this modding was a flat head screwdriver, super glue, and a long razor blade.
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Pacifier Structure

Pacifiers consist of shield, nipple, and a plastic holder attached to the shield to hold the nipple in place. The plastic holder is glued down with some sort of epoxy or plastic weld.

Here you can see a Mam shield with a Nuk 3 nipple yet to be assembled completely, I left the nipple sticking out to demonstrate it's a totally separate piece that fits into the insert in the plastic holder. The base prevents it from slipping through. You can see the plastic "bridge" jutting out of the shield which connects to the nipple holder.

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Here are the Mam and Nuk plastic nipple holders seperated with little breaking or damage to the overall parts:

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Other side of the Mam nipple holder. You can see where the bridges fit into.

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Getting Started

It's nice that Mams and Nuks come in pairs of two so if you screw up the first time you have another shot.

1)With the Mam paci, start by first inserting the razor blade between the plastic nipple holder and the shield. You will need a sharp blade. Begin working the blade so it cuts through the outer plastic "bridge" which is only on the sides of the oval "plugin" center. It should be noted that the inner is hollow which holds the nipple. You don't have to worry about cutting the nipple if you could care less about it, but if you want it, don't go to deep. The shield is transparent so you can see your progress. It should separate after some working. If you break one side (like I did) don't worry, the piece of the plastic bridge doesn't need to be out, let the epoxy do the work later. Pull the nipple out carefully and set aside the pieces for later.

2) Take the Nuk pacifier and begin working the razor blade in between the plastic holder which has the ring, and the shield. Work the shield up to get the screwdriver in. The Nuk nipple holder is held on the two long sides. After some loosening, use the ring and pull it apart. It might take a little elbow grease but it will break loose. The ring may break so be careful you don't smack your elbow on anything. Set aside the piece for later.

3) Take the Nuk nipple and pull it through the Mam shield hole. It may take a bit of wiggling, use a little cooking oil or water to make it easier. Then fit the Mam plastic nipple holder over the Nuk nipple base to check a bit for fit. If it's tight that's ok, as long as you can squeeze it in. Apply the epoxy to both the inside of the Mam holder and the base of the nipple. Squeeze and hold together for several minutes to ensure the bonding has taken place. You can do the same procedure with the other parts or discard them. You can always re-glue if it comes apart.

Congrats! Now you have made your custom paci!

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