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Thread: Welcome Inifini!

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    Default Welcome Inifini!

    I just want to make this post to welcome my friend "Inifini" to the adisc forums.

    Inifini is a good friend of mine so I hope you will all be on your extra best good behaviour (that somehow doesn't make sense but anyway).

    Inifini is from Pakistan and is curious about us...what we're about...(Boy, is he in for some surprisese, eh?)

    Anyway...he's a bit shy, so I'm making his introductory post...I'm sure he will tell you more if you ask.

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    Hi Everyone!!!

    though I know curiosity killed the cat still I am here out of curiosity so I am ready for all kinds of surprises ....... I am open to discussions and chats , am easy to talk to....... hope to talk to all of you soon byeeeee

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    welcome to the mad house...

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    More like, Welcome to the jungle!!! lol (Gunz & Roses Forever)

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    Anybody can be curious, the good ones come in with an open mind and willingness to ask telling questions.

    Welcome to the community, and I hope you enjoy your stay here and become lots more informed during your stay . . .

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    Welcome to our community! I hope you enjoy it here!

    Are you living in Pakistan or thats where you used to live?

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    Hi Eclipse , and thank you for the warm welcome . The answer to your question is , yes I am currently living in Pakistan ( by the way I just noticed that you are from MD , where my elder brother is currently living ) .

    As for what skinnypuppy said , I would like to say that I do come here with an open mind along with the curiosity ( i couldnt cover all aspects of my good intentions to come here in a small introductory message , I will try harder next time ). For a person like me with so little knowledge about whats going on feels quite challanged to ask questions , and doesnt know where to start. I look forward to you nice people out there to raise my level to the point where I can better understand whats this community and the members are all about. * I hope i dont hurt anyones feelings with what i said , I say all this with good and sincere intentions to know and understand more and thats all.

    Thank you all once again for the warm welcome.

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    Welcome to ADISC, Infini!

    I hope you have a great time here and make lots of new friends. n.n

    And I'm sure we would be glad to answer any questions that you have.

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    Welcome inifini,
    I hope you don't believe everything that ayanna says about me. (The good stuff probally is not true)

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