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Thread: Bottles?

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    Default Bottles?

    What kind of bottles do you guys use... ?

    I've had a hard time finding one I really like. Plain ol' cheap baby bottles just don't cut it for me.

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    Hmm... if you only mean baby bottles I don't. I can't look after them with my parents around and they end up mouldy.

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    *Doesn't have one* I do have a sippy cup though if that counts.

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    Default regresses the Spiderman out of me!

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    I recently bought a bottle from Wal-mart just to try it out... it really didn't do anything for me... was kind-of a pain honestly...

    I think I'll stick to beer bottles from now on...

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    I always have this fear of bottles and pacifiers because supposively if you sock on them too much it brings your teeth in. I would hate to have my teeth messed up over socking on bottles and pacifiers.

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    I had a bottle and it wasn't that good I think. I have two sippy cups but I won't use them unless I have no other clean cups.

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