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    What is the best way to clean a baby bottle? (I dont have a bottle brush) and how should I dry them?

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    I don't know about the best way but I just use hot water and Fairy Liquid with a dishcloth, and then dry it with a tea towel. It works perfectly well for me and takes a minimal amount of effort.

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    I wash mine with soap and water then rinse until I'm sure I get all the soap out, then dry it by stuffing a clean wash cloth into it, leaving just enough sticking out that I can grab a hold of it, and spinning it around the inside of the bottle. If there's a little bit of chocolate powder that didn't mix or something like that in the bottle that the soap and water doesn't get out, I use a tooth brush to clean it out.

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    Why not just get a bottle brush? They're like a dollar at the dollar store, and if it's got the double tipped end, you can clean the nipple too.

    If you're worried about people knowing about it, get a reusable water bottle, and say it's to clean that. My mom has a bottle brush around for that.

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    A dish washer works well for plastic and glass baby bottles.

    For vintage cartoon printed baby bottles, you will want to wash by hand with dish soap and non abrasive cloth. The cartoons can get wiped off if scrubbed so be gentle.

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    I've been using a thin dish-cloth and the end of a spoon (to get right into the bottom) up until now; but I think Zephy is right, I'm gonna get a bottle brush, it will be so much easier!

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    I will have to make sure my house mate knows not to try using it to clean his motorbike parts or something yucky like that :s

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