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Thread: My intro ^.^

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    Default My intro ^.^

    Hello! This is my first time introducing myself on a diaper-related site, so I'm a bit nervous :3 But i'll live.

    My name is Aiden and I am 18 years old. I got into diapers when I was around 14 and just loved the feeling and comfort they provide and have been into them ever since. I love making jokes and talking in general, and when you throw in video games, I'm uber fun ^_^ I'm looking forward to meeting some new friends here and hopefully socializing with people that have the same interests! Thanks for reading!

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    Well, if it helps any, probably will be about the only one you'll have to do on a diaper-related site =p. It is a pretty good intro as well by the way, so no reason to have been nervous =p.

    Anyways, welcome to the site, don't be nervous about posting if you come across anything that strikes the fancy. There is a forum dedicated to computer and games, so might be worthwhile to check out =p. What sort of video games do you primarily play?

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    Thanks for replying, I was getting worried that people were silently judging me! Haha, but for real, I'll play nearly any shooter game, puzzle game, or adventure-y game. Some of my favorites are Halo, Tomb Raider, and Portal. Sonic the Hedgehog is of course a classic. I'm not too big on the Call of Duty series. But now I'm rambling :P

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    Welcome! Have you by any chance played Minecraft? I ask because there are quite a few folks here who play it, including me.

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    Holy crap, I was just playing that before I joined this site XD I love Minecraft

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    Hi and welcome. You have a good introduction, so don't worry about being accepted. I'm a musician, and years ago, the artistic director for Halo, and part owner was my piano student. He was a cute kid who came in sleepy eyed on Saturday mornings to take his piano lesson. He asked me to play his wedding, but I couldn't take the time to travel for it. I wished I could have, however. Now look at him! Anyway, I thought you'd find that interesting.

    edit: His name is Marcus Lheto.

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    Wow, talk about a small world. That really is something. I love hearing stories about stuff like that

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