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    Default Anthrocon 2012

    It's almost here!

    So who's going to Anthrocon in Pittsburgh this year?

    I would love to hang out with more babyfurs and diaperfurs!

    Last year I was too socially lazy. I wandered around the halls and the Dealer's Room, too shy and self conscious to do much else.

    But not this year! I promised that this year I WON'T be doing any of that. I started becoming more involved in the BFDF community and started making a few friends. So I'm hoping this year turns out much much MUCH better then last year.

    I will be bringing my stash (diapers, sleeper, onesie, pacifier, and of course my plushies!) and I hope others will do the same. I would love love LOVE to meet other crinklefolk there!

    So who's going this year?
    Where are you staying?
    How can we find you?

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    There is a thread here, but it is on the EC+ forum, so you will not be able to view it. Not sure if that was the thread starters choice, or if it was moved there by a moderator out of the public's view for safety of members, or perhaps some other reason.

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    Sorry, but for the safety of anyone going there, we don't permit threads discussing furcon meetups on the public forums.

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