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Thread: good cheap tape on diapers?

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    Default good cheap tape on diapers?

    I bought tena women underwear because they were the cheapest. They were good, but didn't feel like a baby diaper. I'm too big to try actual baby diapers, but I don't have enough money to try like bambinos. I mainly wanted the baby feel and with tena I couldn't until I wet it a lot. I won't be buying for a while and next I'd like to try a tape on. Are there any good brands? I do live in the US, so there may be different brands elsewhere.

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    walgreens and/or CVS storebrand maximum protection diapers are really good for store diapers, theyre my goto diaper because theyre cheap and readily available, theyre better than depends for sure.

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    What I have found to be pretty inexpensive is duct tape... now hear me out. They have started making designs on it. Printed Duck TapeŽ - Tie Dye, Zebra, Camo, Flames and More
    I have been able to find it at local stores. You can buy regular diapers and put this on to "baby" it up.

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