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Thread: A greeting from a big baby in the UK.

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    Default A greeting from a big baby in the UK.

    Ok, so I'm new here, go easy on me.

    First of all I'm from the UK so I'm not really an Adult Baby Diaper Lover, it's Adult Baby Nappy Lover!

    I'm not necessarily shy, just out of my comfort zone.

    My likes are football, photography, history, I'm also a writer. When I say I like football I like what you would call football as Yanks and what I would call football as a Limey.

    I work in an office in Central London, it's pretty dull, I just do administration, nothing interesting ever happens there but it's a job and in a weird kind of way I quite enjoy it.

    So what am I looking for? I want you to read all of this before forming an opinion. Ultimately I'm looking for love, a woman to treat me like a baby.

    I'm fully on board with what you guys are trying to do, I'm not looking to find love directly through this site, I'm not necessarily hoping to meet up with members and find a mummy through the forum. However I am looking for support, I know this is a community for people who happen to wear diapers etc and talk about life.

    However I am also for somewhere I can talk to other AB about their experiences. I fantasise about being treated like a baby, wearing a nappy sitting on the lap of a woman I fancy as she bounces me on her knee.

    I hope to stick around and I get to know you guys for who you really are, not just adults who happen to wear diapers.

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    Good introduction! Welcome to the forums my fellow southerner, hope you enjoy your stay here? I never know what to say in reply to peoples introductions, so just make yourself feel at home and enjoy the amazing website


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    Welcome to ADISC - Great intro, hope you have fun here

    Photography is a great hobby, do you take much in and around London? I love taking photos in London (when I can be bothered to lug my camera in from the coast!)

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