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Thread: Cheap Hello Kitty Diapees!

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    Default Cheap Hello Kitty Diapees!

    Ok not exactly... But Hello Duct Tape has arrived. It was like $4 at wally world. They had spiderman also. Being a boy (and a cheapskate) I chose a plain teal color tape. I also am not that into spiderman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverSmall View Post
    But Hello Duct Tape has arrived. It was like $4 at wally world.
    FINALLY they put that shit in a store I can easily access :P

    I've been wanting to get some every since I saw this girl use it in her diaper review..

    Hello Kitty Dip - YouTube

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    i'm so buying some!!! They also have tye-dye, stars, and animal printed tape that could be used to easily make a cute landing-zone on a diaper!

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    I agree with Siddy Though it does kind of bother me that the brand name is 'Duck Tape' instead of 'Duct Tape' <.<

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